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Review: Letter to a Future Lover

Ander Monson's Letter to a Future Lover, writes Naomi Skwarna, "often reads like an exercise in curated solitude," demonstrating the author's sense of home in the "guts of a university
By Naomi Skwarna

University Life 29

Saving the Debt Generation

Ethan Earle of The Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung NYC office weighs in on the student debt crisis in the run up to the 2016 elections.
By Ethan Earle

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“Making Space Around the Beloved”

Writer Maggie Nelson talks to TBQ about The Argonauts and the intellectual, erotic, and personal experiences of writing autobiography and putting language to motherhood.
By Jennifer Doerr

Credit: Leland Francisco/Flickr

The Future Is Their Project

TBQ interviews Kanya Balkrishna, co-founder of The Future Project, which "empowers the next generation to build the future, one dream at a time.”
By Rob Goodman