Still, "All the Syria's Futures," credit: Charif Kiwan for Abounaddara

A New Kind of Weapon in Syria: Film

The members of Abounaddara talk to The Brooklyn Quarterly about Syrian dignity, Bashar al Assad’s propaganda, and their experience documenting the human side of war.
By Alex Mayyasi


Spreading Cliteracy

How conceptual artist and photographer Sophia Wallace is reframing citizenship for women through the symbol of the clitoris.
By Rebecca Cheong

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The Fertile Fact

Which lives are worth documenting in biography and which facts within those chosen lives are worth endowing with meaning?
By Michele Filgate

Issue 5
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Documenting the Documenters in E-TEAM

The directors of E-TEAM followed a group of intrepid emergency researchers at Human Rights Watch as they gathered evidence on alleged human rights violations.
By Katy Chevigny

Jennifer Lawrence / Flickr Creative Commons @Marco Manna

The Right to Be Forgotten

Freedom of speech is a right in this country; the “right to be forgotten” is really a privilege, which we need to cultivate ourselves.
By Alexia Nader

From "Scandalishous"

Keeping Track of the Real Ann Hirsch

Performance artist Ann Hirsch's works examine the framing of women’s bodies within mass media and how the Internet blurs the boundaries between performed and lived identities.
By Rachel Wetzler