Life As a Real New Yorker

By Rick Freeman
Image: jastrow/flickr

Image: jastrow/flickr

I live in the Greenwich Village and I go to work every day at my job which is as a Broadway Theater on Wall Street. (It’s a real rat race, LOL!)

To get to work, I take a horse-drawn carriage with all my fellow commuters while reading the papers. They always have such wacky headlines, and I look at my fellow commuters and shake my head knowingly.

I have lunch at the Carnegie Deli most days, unless I’m doing a frozen yogurt cleanse.

My girlfriend is a starving artist who lives in a loft in SoHo, which means South of Houston. I usually meet her after work at Tavern on the Green, a restaurant that New Yorkers like to go to for dinner a couple times a week. Sometimes, we eat in the Statue of Liberty’s head.

On weekends, we like to ride around town on those double-decker buses (only in New York!) with no roofs. It’s a great way to see all our friends who live in other neighborhoods, like TriBeCa and the Brooklyn Bridge. We usually get cupcakes.

Sometimes we pile everyone in my car and drive to Central Park for a picnic. We used to take City Bikes up there, but they charge a lot, even if you just have it for a couple days! And you thought rent was crazy!

My neighbor is a bagel.


nonameRick Freeman is a writer and editor living in Astoria, Queens.Originally from Cleveland, he has lived in New York for more than a decade. Twitter:  @RWFreeman

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