The Crying Woman on the Subway

By Evangelina Cifliganec

Who wants to hear about it,
we are all, more or less,
crying inside.

So, we sympathize.
We love you.
You are one of us.

Tired faces.
Excited faces.
Ambitious faces.
Suppressed emotions.

Rationality rules,
practicality glued together by love.

The crying woman on the subway,
could be any of us,

We all know that.
She is one of us.

A human in a struggle,
to see the beauty of life,
that has just lost a battle,
or many.

We love you.
I want to say to her.
But what do I know.

When I am her,
I wouldn’t want it,
but I might want it, after all.

Those rare life moments,
when the battles seem too many.
When enough, is enough.
When we lose the irreplaceable.
What can we say?

The desire to vanish seems as a sin.
The desire to be whisked away into nothing.
I think of all the people who love me.
Crying woman,
I hope that is enough.
I am so sorry if it isn’t.
I don’t know what to say.
We just don’t know.
Please accept that.
And so I’ll try too.

You are so beautiful,
I mean it,
I can only hope, that secret, Earth-made remedy,
comes your way.

I cannot guarantee it’ll be soon,
but it just might.
And believe me – if it does,
it is magical,
and it will mend it all.

It might not be forever,
but it is the fix of a lifetime.
Crying woman on the subway,
I wish you love.

EvangelinaRedEvangelina Cifliganec is author of the contemporary philosophical novel Happy Something, writer and a poet living in New York with her toddler son. Former PPE, Philosophy, Politics and Economics student at the University of Oxford, her interests in deeper understanding of humanity, society and science are the backbone of her writing. She has authored articles such Being a Good Citizen for the Riverdale Press and her poem Darwin my Friend has won the international DADA poetry and art contest and was published in the journal of contemporary Dada Writing and Art “Maintenant 6”. Her most recent work can be found on her website

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